Treasure Chests


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Servicing North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Treasure Chests, Boxes, Footlockers custom built in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Bowen Island.

Treasure Chests & Special Gifts


Classic Treasure Chests
This one is made of laminated Maple.  The strips for roof have been tapered, beveled, steam bent and laminated much like canoes were made in earlier days.




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Classic Pirates Treasure Chest
Made of bevel cut, tapered, steam bent and laminated Red Cedar. Finished with Penofin oil.  

Every piece is unique.  Please call or write to discuss suitable options and prices.


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Private Footlocker

Large enough to hold all the essentials, but compact enough to carry,
 or stow under the bunk.

~Solid cedar sides and laminated cedar top.~
~The jointed seams make for a nearly airtight seal.~

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