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Mindful, tidy, versatile, one man operation.

   Very Recent Projects:


Secure Gates

Front Arbor


Patio Railings



Jims "West Gate




Two foot lattice



BC Hydro Breaker Platform
Laminated Vertical Grain Fir Bar


Bridge to Everywhere...

with expanded metal treads...



Jims "East Gate"


BC Hydro - Refurbish




Looking back at some favourites:

Architects Fence


AG-Tuf Roof

Curvy Triple Laminated Gate and Arbor of Divine Proportions
                                                             ... and little brother
"I've always enjoyed and admired quality workmanship offered by highly skilled masters, no matter what the trade.  They have inspired me to offer up only the best of my skills,  strive to offer the most mindful service and to provide my clients with a high quality product that will last for many years... no matter what I'm doing."
Cole Harvey

Steps & Benches

Friendly Fence Products

Custom, hand built wooden fences, arbors, decks, gates, gazebos, sheds, stairs, retaining walls or you name it.  Materials are hand picked from the highest grade available.


BC Hydro
Extremely Heavy Deck Platforms

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Deck Extension

Custom Fences West Vancouver

Simple but Unique Gates

Laminated Gates


Article in "Vancouver Business Magazine"

March 15-21, 2011

"Canine Chalet"

...and please take a moment to read this poem:
  "The Now of Nanuq"
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Treasure Chests, Boot Lockers

Built with loving care just like in the good old days by the classic carpentry masters, these products will last for many years.



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