Friendly Carpenter - Fencing contractor offering affordable residential or commercial, standard or custom fences, artistic gates, stairs and railings, and more to North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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~ Fencing contractor building creative gates, decks, stairs, arbors, gazebos, and more. ~
Serving North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby, B.C., Canada

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 Friendly Fence...

Fence contractor offering residential or commercial custom fences, artistic gates, decks, stairs, and more.
Serving North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby.
A mindful, tidy, versatile, one man operator. 
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Customer Testimonials

Clear Cedar Fence with Laminated Curved Gates


Gates and fences designed to fit the budget.

 "I've always enjoyed and admired quality workmanship offered by highly skilled masters, no matter what the trade.  They have inspired me to offer up only the best of my skills,  strive to offer the most mindful service and to provide my clients with a high quality product that will last for many years... no matter what it is I'm doing."
Cole Harvey


Architects Fence

Elaborate Door and Arbor



Commercial or Strata projects.

Exterior stair construction or repairs


Louvers in the Forest



Curved Railings

Double Cedar Gate


Heavy Rough Cedar Stairs




Bridge to Everywhere...

"Canine Chalet"



Vancouver Business Magazine
March 15-21, 2011


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